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Classic Nautical Mermaid Long Sleeve UV Shirt, Blu | Live to Fish

Classic Nautical Mermaid Long Sleeve UV Shirt, Blu | Live to Fish

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100% Microfiber Polyester
Fabric/Material Features
UPF 50+ Sun Protection, Anti-Microbial, & Moisture-Wicking
Sizes Available
Small / Medium / Large / XL / XXL/ 3XL
Offshore Blue
Left Sleeve Logo
Live to Fish Script
Back Logo
Live to Fish Classic Nautical Mermaid
Front - Left Chest Logo
Live to Fish
Logo Color(s)
White / Black

Classic Nautical Mermaid UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Shirt, Offshore Blue

Nautical Inspiration from Beyond the Sea

Sometimes looking to the past for inspiration is the best way to create something exciting and new; this Classic Nautical Mermaid Long Sleeve UV Shirt is no exception to that concept. The artwork on this shirt was inspired by vintage nautical tattoo designs from the late 19th & early 20th centuries. Life at sea was tough, and nary a sailor or seaman would travel the seven seas without collecting a few "souvenirs" of their rough and tumble lives. These "souvenirs" often came in the form of tattoos that recorded their travels and experiences around the world. Weaving themes of maritime folklore, mythological beings, and nautical elements into tattoo artwork was a common practice at the time, and that's how we came up with the design for this shirt.

The central figure is a mermaid (or siren) posing alluringly in front of a tranquil sea, upon which a clipper ship sails in the distance. She calls to the ship on the wind, luring its occupants in for a closer look — perhaps to their certain doom. The entire scene is enclosed within the shape of a ship wheel, and the ship wheel is bisected by an anchor. "Listen to the siren song of the sea" is written within the rim of the ship wheel, and our motto and company name are inscribed in classic, tattoo-style lettering on banners throughout the artwork. The entire look of the piece is an homage to classic nautical tattoos from days past, and even though this design is drawn in a style that would have been popular at the time, it has a look that remains timeless.

The Technology

Since our headquarters are in sunny Florida, we know all about the ups and downs of life in the sun. That's why our long sleeve sun shirts are made with a special, Skin Cancer Foundation recommended, UPF 50+ sun protection material that helps block out 98% of harmful UV rays. These rays are strongest from mid-morning to mid-day (prime fishing time in our books), so don't let them get in the way of your day; protect your skin and enjoy your time outside!

Stay cool and dry with the help of PURE-tech moisture-wicking technology! Never again will you feel trapped by your own sweat or uncomfortable in the heat again. This beneficial fabric enhancement allows the shirt to maximize absorbency and dry rapidly. The process is simple; when your core begins to sweat, the fabric will quickly wick moisture away from your body and leave you feeling cooler and dryer longer than you would in a normal shirt.
Say good-bye to foul-smelling sweat odors! When your body sweats, bacteria on your skin starts to consume the nutrients in your sweat, which then causes an odor to be released. With M-Shield zinc-based technology, the growth rate of odor-causing bacteria is significantly reduced, leaving your shirt smelling fresher longer. This technology also acts as a defense mechanism to help fight off mold and mildew, making it perfect for activities around water.

Breathable Comfort for Active Lifestyles

Whether you're out deep-sea fishing or just causally hanging around town, let everyone know where your true passions lie with this angler-inspired long sleeve sun shirt. This shirt's soft, 100% microfiber polyester fabric features UPF 50+ sun protection as well as moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technologies to help keep you feeling cool and comfortable. Its casual and relaxed unisex fit with a comfortable neckband make this shirt a great choice for a wide range of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, running, boating, biking, and beach-hopping. You can even wear it as a swim rash guard to protect your core while enjoying some waves in the ocean. With so many beneficial fabric enhancements, you'll want to wear this shirt everywhere!


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