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Classic Tarpon Long Sleeve UV Shirt, Black | Live to Fish

Classic Tarpon Long Sleeve UV Shirt, Black | Live to Fish

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100% Microfiber Polyester
Fabric/Material Features
UPF 50+ Sun Protection, Anti-Microbial, & Moisture-Wicking
Sizes Available
Small / Medium / Large / XL / XXL/ 3XL
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Classic Tarpon UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Shirt, White

Inspiration on the Fly

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when reeling in a giant silver king on fly tackle. Our Classic Tarpon long sleeve UV shirt aims to capture such a moment that's appreciated by both young and seasoned anglers alike. Imagine a long day spent chasing tarpon from the deck of your casting platform, just waiting for that perfect opportunity to drop a fly in striking range. That's when it happens; everything lines up perfectly and you drop your fly just right — not too close to spook the fish, and not too far away to be out of visibility. The tarpon strikes with immense force and that's when the fight begins. The memory of this battle is highlighted by mental snapshots of the massive fish breaching the surface and soaring defiantly through the air. Moments like these never get old, and true anglers can appreciate the exhilaration that they bring to the sport.

With the Classic Tarpon long sleeve UV shirt, we've attempted to capture the essence and feeling of moments like these for all to see. The calm, warm waters of Florida's coastal flats serve as the backdrop for a large tarpon illustration. The tarpon is encircled by a fly fishing tackle setup, and she's about to strike on a perfectly placed fly lure. Even though the illustration style is inspired by classic woodcut artwork from the turn of the century, the overall look of this shirt has a timeless aesthetic that's relevant to both young and seasoned anglers alike.

The Technology

Since our headquarters are in sunny Florida, we know all about the ups and downs of life in the sun. That's why our long sleeve sun shirts are made with a special, Skin Cancer Foundation recommended, UPF 50+ sun protection material that helps block out 98% of harmful UV rays. These rays are strongest from mid-morning to mid-day (prime fishing time in our books), so don't let them get in the way of your day; protect your skin and enjoy your time outside!

Stay cool and dry with the help of PURE-tech moisture-wicking technology! Never again will you feel trapped by your own sweat or uncomfortable in the heat again. This beneficial fabric enhancement allows the shirt to maximize absorbency and dry rapidly. The process is simple; when your core begins to sweat, the fabric will quickly wick moisture away from your body and leave you feeling cooler and dryer longer than you would in a normal shirt.
Say good-bye to foul-smelling sweat odors! When your body sweats, bacteria on your skin starts to consume the nutrients in your sweat, which then causes an odor to be released. With M-Shield zinc-based technology, the growth rate of odor-causing bacteria is significantly reduced, leaving your shirt smelling fresher longer. This technology also acts as a defense mechanism to help fight off mold and mildew, making it perfect for activities around water.

Breathable Comfort for Active Lifestyles

Whether you're out deep-sea fishing or just causally hanging around town, let everyone know where your true passions lie with this angler-inspired long sleeve sun shirt. This shirt's soft, 100% microfiber polyester fabric features UPF 50+ sun protection as well as moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technologies to help keep you feeling cool and comfortable. Its casual and relaxed unisex fit with a comfortable neckband make this shirt a great choice for a wide range of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, running, boating, biking, and beach-hopping. You can even wear it as a swim rash guard to protect your core while enjoying some waves in the ocean. With so many beneficial fabric enhancements, you'll want to wear this shirt everywhere!


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